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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rose Decorations from Veda's Party

If you're looking for a good way to fluff up a little girl's party easily and cheaply, this post is for you. This is a how-to for the rose decorations I used at Veda's party. They were all handmade, and though it took some time (I made 50), they were super easy, and SUPER cheap!

What you Need:
1 pack (8 sheets) Tissue paper ($.97)
Paper (free if you have enough, can be any sort of paper, I used regular printer paper)
Elmer's glue

1. Use a cup to trace circles onto your paper. Cut out as many circle as you want flowers. The circles should be around 2-3 inches in diameter.

2. Open up tissue paper pack, unfold, and lay flat on the ground.

3. Cut a strip (through all 8 sheets) about an inch or more long off of the end of the tissue paper.

4. Take 2 strips from the 8 you now have. You will use 2 strips per flower.

5. Glue a swirl on a circle as shown below with the Elmer's glue (I ran out of glue, so I have drawn how the Elmer's glue will be on your paper).

6. Starting on the outside, feed the first piece of tissue paper around the circle, overlapping a little as you go so it creates a little ruffle. Once your first piece runs out, finish the circle with the second strip of tissue paper. If you have a lot left once you get to the middle, just cram it all in there, and glue. Trust, me, it looks cute. Just make sure you're cramming the length of the strip in, not cramming it from the top into a crumpled mess!

Done! I made 50 of these and still did not use the whole pack of tissue paper!!! So as I said, these are VERY cheap!

Happy Rosing!
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