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Monday, May 12, 2014

Name Brand Musts

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I surely enjoy getting a bargain. I'm a strict buyer of clearance items, thrifted items, and off-brands. It's so ingrained in my mind that it's not even a thought in my mind anymore. I'm not even tempted to splurge on fancy name-brands when I know I can get the exact same satisfaction out of an off-brand.

However, there have been a very few number of items that I do prefer the name brand to the off brand. I feel guilty every time, but there are just a couple of things that really do taste/work better when paid a premium for. Here's a few of my short-comings:

Jif Peanut Butter - This stuff is so much more spreadable than off brands, and I love the flavor. Every time I think of a nice PB&J, it always involves dreams of Jif peanut butter.

Honey Maid Graham Crackers - I'm not sure what it is, but these grahams just taste so good to me. They're perfectly crispy, and have a rich flavor. Off brands taste like cardboard to me.

Gain or Tide Laundry detergent - I fought this one for a LONG time. I knew I prefered it, but I kept thinking to myself, "It doesn't make that much of a difference", and when it is so significantly more expensive (like it is), I couldn't allow myself to do it. I tried homemade laundry detergent. I wanted to like it. I did. But I had to run every load through twice, and it would often have a funny after smell. Anyone who's used Tide or Gain knows that the only smells coming from your clothes after a washing them in those is fresh flowers and mountain air. Though I still feel guilty now and then, I've given into the fact that laundry is one thing I'm picky about and that I want done at a certain standard, which includes paying more for the name brands.

Clorox Wipes - Just the wipes, and they have to be Clorox. I love those things, they save my life everyday. I've tried the off brands, and even other name brands, and every time i wish i was using a Clorox wipe. Being someone who likes to pinch pennies, I feel guilty in buying them at all, but as a busy mom, I will take anything that makes my job just a little easier. Clorox wipes do that for me.

I'm sure there may be a few more things here and there, but that about sums up the ones I'm most passionate about. So, if you are like me, and are always trying to find ways to conserve money, don't fret when you find something that you absolutely HAVE to have name brand. We're allowed to have a few of those. Feel free to let everyone know YOUR favorite name brand items as well!

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