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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Millions of Beanies, Beanies for Me

My friends Alyssa and Lyndee decided this summer to share their talents, and open a booth in the Farmer's Market here in Moscow. Alyssa makes these adorable bows (Bitty Bowtique) and Lyndee makes these awesome purses! Well, they successfully recruited me, though I've never done anything like this before, and am a bit lacking in the confidence to do it! I will be making baby beanines for them, so night and day everyday, I've been working my now-nimble fingers to try to get enough beanies to sell! It went pretty well for my first week, can't wait til next time!

Yes, another one.

What'd you expect when I have a little girl, a new little neice and friends who share all their bow-making secrets with me? This one happened to be for baby Sarah, who just left North Idaho last week! Boo hoo! She looked smashing in it though, though the bow was about the size of her head!

P.S. If you think you've seen a lot of bows, just wait 'til the next post when I over-do you on beanies!

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