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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Book

Okay, Okay, I know this isn't really a craft, however this blog is called Sarah's Never-Ending Projects, and this was a doozy of a project! It's another one of those things that have been on-going, that I finally saw an end to!

I slurped my blog on Blurb ( and made it into a book! This was for our family blog for the year 2008. It's harder than it seems though... you totally have to re-download and re-format every single picture that it slurps from your blog, because the image quality from being downloaded from your files to internet, back to your files is very poor. On top of that, it gives each picture it's own page so there's TONS of picture formatting to do, and page reduction, editing of text, etc. It took me FOR-EV-ER!

But it's finally done, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief for approximately 1 second, before I go and start on 2009!

Though tedious and seemingly never-ending, I completely recommend doing this. Getting the book in the mail makes it all worth it, and to know that we have sufficiently documented that year makes me feel good as well!

Monday, April 26, 2010

You Can't Ride in My Little Red Wagon

I know in your head now you're singing the rest of that line...Well, once again, I'm sorry for being such a slacker...I really did mean to be more regular with posting, as I still intend to do, I think I just have a lot that I'm working on that were on-going projects, so nothing was getting done. Hopefully now I can really get on the ball and get some stuff posted.

One of the things I have been working on was this shower for my friend, Paige, and her upcoming baby boy.

The theme was "Little Red Wagon", and it was lots of fun (not to mention cheap!) to plan, and I got to plan it with my good friend Alyssa (! We stuck to the color scheme of the wagon (red, white, black), adding in natural effects such as burlap, twine, and tin cans.We wanted to feel really little boyish, reminiscent of a little boy playing outside all day.

The food was centered around little boys too, we had apples with dip, PB&J squares, a veggi platter, and themed cake. We also had some food for our own tastes as well, including the famous shower "cucumber bread" and cinnamon bears!

For the activity, instead of games, we had everyone decorate a page for an alphabet book for Paige's little boy. It was fun, and it's a cute extra little gift for Paige!

For the decorations, I'll just post the pictures and explain:

The tablescape

Side the way...those are root beers, I thought it would be cute to have old soda bottles, but it kind of ended up looking like we were having a keg in the pictures. 
Tin cans hanging with daisies

Some of the table

The cake...a joint effort :)

Beautiful Paige...also, there are some pictures I took of Breck's red wagon for and easy, and it totally added to the themed decor!

The Alphabet book table area. Alyssa and I thought this would have looked cuter with some pom poms hanging above it, but wouldn't you know it, all the red tissue paper in Moscow was sold out...unless you want to pay 7 dollars for a small pack at Michaels. 

close up

The favor table

The favors: little red wagons with dirt mounds in them!
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