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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sienna's Watermelon 2nd Birthday Party!

Lots of fun, and pretty simple this party was. It was a bright, summery theme, and worked out perfect for my fruit-loving little girl! Here are some of the details:

The main table

The cake and cupcakes
Deviled watermelons - I hard-boiled the eggs, seperated the yoke from the whites, then dyed the whites in green food coloring over night. Meanwhile, I added pink food coloring to the yokes, though in the picture it looks orange. I then sprinkled coarsly ground black pepper over the top to resemble seeds.

Watermelon jell-o bites: Cut limes in half, gut them out, then pour in pink jell-o, and refrigerate. Once hardened, cut halves in half again.

The favors, goody bags, and personal watermelons to take home

Cake pops

The 2nd table
The spread of table #2, including watermelon salsa (and no, there are absolutely NO tomatoes in it!)

The drinks

The craft table: making watermelon music makers (shakers, with watermelon seeds on the inside)
Outside: The activities - First was this contest...

then this one. I used the rind rings for the ring toss, but if you do this, make sure they get used almost right away. Ours were sitting out for awhile, and got soft and soggy, and fell apart after tossing them.

The invites

The inside


Peterson's said...

So cute Sarah.
So the e-mail I have for you doesn't work, and you are MIA on facebook.... So Im just letting you know im in CDA, let me know when you come into town and have a chance to hang!

Brittany said...

I love it! You are super creative! I am always impressed by your skills... how do you make time for it all???!!!

etreiersen said...

Sarah you are so creative. You have such great ideas for parties. I loved the watermelon theme. Truman had a lot of fun and so did I. By the way can I have an invite to your family blog? Thanks again for inviting us to the party!

Trisha Reiersen

Shelley said...

What a cute party! I love the food too!

Shelley @

Anne Maskell said...

What fabulous party ideas! I love the limes!

Lynette said...

So cute!! You're so creative!

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