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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sienna's Cinderella Party

Sienna turned 4 this last fourth of July. Her Golden Birthday. She tells everyone that she just had her "golden Cinderella party", which I think confuses people, because when they see pictures they expect to see some sort of gold gilded party, with a Cinderella theme in there somewhere. But no, no gold really to be found here!

Anyway, it was a "Dream come true" for our little Cinderella wannabe. She was so excited when she saw everything that she squealed the highest pitch squeal you could ever imagine. It was pretty darn cute. 

Well, without further ado, here are the pictures from our "Royal Ball!"

The invites, rolled up, tied with a bow.

The Mantle: Pictures of Cinderella, iridescent fluff, and pink streamers lined throughout

The Castle: I just googled an image of the Cinderella castle, printed it, and copied it by hand onto poster board. Then I painted the tops blue, and lightly sprayed over with silver spray paint.

 The entryway

Our little Cinderella. Thank goodness her Halloween costume still fits!

The table

I wanted food that was simple, but sophisticated, that either tied in with Cinderella, or was "palace-like"

Magic Wands

The Favors

 The Activities: #1 Ballroom Dancing - a very basic beginners course on how to dance politely at a ball. This was our ballroom. Though you can't see it, the purple drape (tablecloth) had yellow fringe (Crepe paper cut into fringe) all the way down the side

Activity #2 - "If the Show Fits" - a game where everyone had to (blindfolded) find the right shoe for Sienna, out of many shoes of different styles and sizes.

It fits!

Activity #3 - "At the Stroke of Midnight, the Spell will be Broken" - a card game where everyone had to turn over a card to make sure they were still horses, and not turned back into mice. If they got a horse, they were safe. If they got a mice, they were out, and so it continued until there was only one left!

This was a fun party, and I was glad that Sienna enjoyed herself. She is seriously such a girly girl, and I was happy to see that I lived up to her "expectations". She's sweet, and we're excited for another fun year with our little Princess!

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Kellie said...

Bravo! How fun for a little princess!

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