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Monday, July 30, 2012

Party How-to: Polyhedrons

Today is my husband's birthday! He's turning the big 3-0!! Happy Birthday Jos! In honor of birthdays, I am posting today on some party how-to.

I feel like every party needs something hanging from the ceiling. Pom poms, lanterns, punching balls, balloons, etc. are all great and look nice. When planning Breck's party this last year, I saw a picture of the cutest polyhedrons hanging from the ceiling at a party. Perfect for what I had in mind for his party, and the best part...they use solely those cheap paper plates!!! I only used one pack to get three (and I could have made more), which brought me to a grand total of 1.50!

Some extra costs are staples (if you don't have any at home), and spray paint (if you want them another color. I got spray paint from Wal Mart for another whoppin' $1.23. I wanted a blotchy, somewhat camouflaged look, so I didn't need a nice paint. However if you want the paint to be more solid looking, go with Krylon.

Here's the comprehensive list of what you need: 

1 pack (100) white paper plates
Spray Paint (if using)

Here's what to do:

1. You'll need 20 plates for each polyhedron. Fold each plate three ways, so there's a triangle in the middle. Try to make the triangle close to centered as you can.

2. Separate your stacks. You'll put this together in three pieces, the top, the bottom, then the middle. 5 for the top and bottom, and 10 for the middle.

3. Start attaching your top piece. Hold two pieces together as shown and staple together in several places along the arch.

4. Continue attaching until you have a pentagon. Repeat for bottom piece.

5. Forgot to get a picture of this, but attach the middle 10 in a row as illustrated below. 

 6. Attach the top to the top of the middle section with staples on each arch, and then the bottom in the same manner. Spray paint, if desired.

DONE! And you got yourself some cute decorations for super duper cheap!

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