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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Amazing Dad

So I just want to take a post to brag about my awesome Dad. My mom has joked "Between you and your dad, you guys have a completely handmade house!" Ummm, yeah, but I can only wish that my stuff was half as cool as the things my dad makes! He just whips up furniture, just because he feels like it. But I just wanted to take a post to show you some of the amazing things he has made for us. This doesn't even include everything he's made, just the things he's made us.

My Hope Chest
My graduation present when I was a Senior in high school.
(sorry no picture!)

Our Dining Room table
A place of many fine feasts!

The Kiddie Table
A place of refuge for the kids for coloring, crafts, puzzles, book, and occasionally, snacks.

Hall Clock and Hall Shelf
Yes, he made BOTH of these!

Recipe Box
He made this box, while my mom got all of our classic family recipes printed off to go inside!

Breck's Bed
Yes...I said the BED...He actually MADE it!!!

Sorry for the lack of decor in the room...we're working on that...



Kelsee said...

My father-in-law is like that. He's made the kids each bookshelves, toy boxes, window boxes... just about everything he can think of! If only I could be the same! I would love it! -Kelsee

Me said...

You are blessed to have such a handy and generous Dad.

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