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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Links for Veda's party How-To's

With the explosion of Pinterest, it not only made my planning for Veda's party more organized, but also a lot more detailed that I would have probably planned on my own. I just kept finding more ideas that I like, and I didn't even end up using all of the ideas I found!

Here are some of the links I found via Pinterest (and others) for some of the decorations for Veda's party:

Tissue Paper Pom Poms: Martha Stewart: I had posted the link several years ago when I used them for Sienna's first birthday party, but thought I should probably post it again, since not everyone will want to surf all the way back to 2009 in the blog.

For these, I cut the tips of the folded tissue paper in a quarter circle, so when opened up, it was a much larger scalloped edge.

*I also used these instructions for the backs of the chairs, except I only used half the tissue paper, since I needed it flat on one side.

Hanging Rose Balls: This link takes you to the site that originally featured the balls, but I couldn't find instructions on their site. They're pretty straight forward though, dollar store wiffle balls, dollar store rose bunches (about 4 per ball), hot glue around each hole, and stick the heads of the roses in them! Hang with ribbon.

Crepe Paper Rose Balls: Follow instructions as posted on blog. I used the twist method for mine. She'll explain two different methods.

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