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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day of Mourning

This last week, something awful happened. My sewing machine died.

I knew this day was coming soon, I could see the signs for awhile now. After all, it was just a very basic Singer, that was purchased for me only for the purpose of getting the hang of sewing. But nothing could prepare me for the shock I felt when it finally gave it's last breath. I just stared at it blankly in disbelief. This can't be happening... not now...not at the beginning of my biggest sewing season! Disbelief was then replaced by remorse when I started reminiscing about how it was my first sewing machine, how I awkwardly began to try to sew on it (with hardly any previous experience), found my footing (no pun intended), and found my life's newest obsession.

I thought back to everything I had created on the blessed machine:

I started out small, helping a friend make this cushion cover for her rocking chair (my first REAL project on the machine)

I then gained confidence to do other simple things for our house like this...

...then this
...then eventually this

 Which gave me confidence to try out Halloween costumes like this...

...then eventually this

I started to get excited about making little odds and ends here and there, like this nursing cover

And I even got courageous enough to try making a smocked dress for Sienna...

...which led to this...

...and eventually this

In fact, I became so in love with sewing, that I started altering clothes to more fit my body and my style, something I had always dreamed of doing, even as a young girl...

...which led to me figuring out how to make clothes for ULTIMATE goal!!

All on my basic little Singer that tooted it's last toot this last week. So you can see my sadness, the end of a machine that used to intimidate me so much, that turned into a love of a skill I never knew I had, and ultimately, fulfilling a major dream I had my whole life. Now, of course I have dreams now beyond that, in being able to refine my skills and become a better seamstress, but I can't help but reminisce on the things I was able to pop out on that little machine.

Though I am feeling really ready to move onto a newer, more advanced machine, I'm grateful for the lessons I was able to learn on my simple little Singer.


mrs. olson said...

How sad! It's hard not to be sentimental about something that has taught you so much!!

Kellie said...

What a milestone... and the beginning of a wonderful hobby! I love my Bernina - worth every penny!

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