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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Apparel: Collared Shrug

 You may have noticed that on list of "Projects on my Plate" that I have listed Fall Apparel. Fall is my favorite time of year for shopping. I love the transitional styles. I love the jackets, and love that you don't have to wear a heavy coat over everything yet. I also love the rich tones that you see in fall clothing, and love that you can wear so many styles and layers. I think I have also just gotten used to going "back to school" shopping over the years, that I just naturally tend to look for new clothes evey fall. As August came upon us, I was starting to think about what I wanted for the upcoming season, but shortly after, realized that our budget would be limited this fall due to Josten graduating and having to pay for moving out expenses and really expensive uniforms that he has to buy when he comissions in December. We also have 2 weddings in Utah (10-12 hours away) to budget for, so needless to say, a fall wardrobe wasn't exactly on the priority list. Since I still get that fall itch, I decided that I would, in fact, get a new wardrobe. I would refashion things, trim up things, alter things, and make things so that I would have an array of "new" clothing, to feel like I have something exciting to wear!

There will be several more of these post, but here is one of my first projects...the collard shrug. I made this using some old fabric that my mom had stashed from her mom in their basement for years. I think I wrote that confusing, but bottom line---It had been around awhile, and I got it for free. I used a shrug that I had had before that I wasn't too fond of the fabric on for a makeshift pattern. I also made some alterations to the back, because I didn't like the back all that well. I was pretty excited with how it turned out, especially not using a concrete pattern. I used a hook-eye combo for the connector on the top (also retrieved from my grandma's stash).


mrs. olson said...

You did such an awesome job! It looks so good. I love free fabric from my mom, it's the best.

Butikofer Family said...

Sarah! I just found your blog! And I have to are totally AMAZING! I also have to say that Scott's going to kill me with all the projects I'm going to try now! :)

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