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Friday, October 14, 2011

Feed Me Friday: Icky Fingers

Last week's Feed Me Friday, I had featured bread stick bones and blood (pizza sauce). You may have noticed the pictures had another spooky treat next to them, which I am featuring today:

Icky Fingers.

Super easy. All you need are a couple packs of string cheese, depending on how much you want. I have even less than that pictured. You'll also need some blood (Pizza Sauce) and fingernails (almond slices). 

What you're going to do, is first, cut the string cheese pieces in half.

Next, carve two sets of three tiny divots in each one to resemble the wrinkled skin where your knuckles are.

Then, slash a shallow angle at the very tip on the finger downwards as a place for the fingernail.

Attach each finger nail by placing a dab of pizza sauce on the angled tip, and putting the almond sliver on top.

And there you have it, gross, nasty fingers, ready to eat!

Now tell me those don't look like the most appetizing of treats!!!

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