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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sienna's Apron

I had originally planned to have oven mits with this apron, but making oven mits for 6-month-old hands was more difficult than I had imagined, let alone, pointless. So I decided to forget the mits, and just do the apron, which was the main part anyway. I didn't use a pattern for this, I just kind of eye-balled the shape and size I wanted, then I folded the material in half, length-wise, and cut half of the shape, so when you opened it up, you have the full shape, and it is symetrical. Then I just hemmed the edges, cut a strip of the material for the top loop and sewed it on, and put lace on the top and bottom. I sewed it, but it could be hot-glued too. For the pocket, I cut out the shape I wanted at a bias, so it would contrast the material of the rest of the apron. Then I hand-stitched it on with embroidery floss for a neat effect. Then I put lace on the top. Last of all, I just got 2 pieces of ribbon, and sewed them to the sides for the ties. Not too hard!

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