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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Boys' Ties

I made Josten and Breck matching ties. I used satin, though looking back, I would have used something a little thicker, and more forgiving! All you have to do for a man's tie is, take one of his ties, put it on the material, and cut it extra wide around the tie, so that each side around the tie is half the width of the prtion of the tie you are cutting at. Cut the ends with squared edges though, not pointy. Then, hem the ends just a bit. After that, fold both of the corners on either side, toward eachoher, making the pointy ends. Do this on both sides. Turn it inside out, so you pretty much just have the squared off end folded in half, and sew it together. then fold it back out, and it will be pointy! Then hem the length of the tie just a tad, and fold the two sides over to the middle. Iron them in place, so it makes it easier to see where they need to be. Then hand-stitch the sides together. Then you're done with that. The little boy's tie, I pretty much followed the same process, except for the length of the tie, I just measured where I wanted the tie to fall on him, then I added a little less than double to the length. After I finished all of the sewing, I cut a strip and hemmed it, and put velcrow on the ends. ( It is the circumfrance of his neck) I then, with the tie, tied a slipknot around the strip. There you go!

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