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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are Those Pants...or a Skirt???

They're Gaucho pants! I decided to make some for my little Sienna Buggeroo. She was lacking in the pants department, and since I think gauchos are pretty much the most comfy pants in the entire world, I decided to introduce her into their lovely world! I got this idea from another site, but forgive, me, I can't remember where, I happened to be craft-blog-surfing, and forgot where I was at, but if any of you know where these are from, please let me know! Anyway, the great thing about these gauchos, is that you make them from an old shirt that you don't wear anymore! You'll need some measurments of your little girl; you'll need the waist, the hips WITH the diaper (if not potty trained), the distance from croch to waist, and the inseam to where you want the pants to hit at on her leg. So here we go:

1. Get your measurments
2. Find an old t-shirt (with enough material to cover your measurements), and lay it flat, smooth, and all the seems where they should be.
3. Cut the shirt (through both sides) as pictured below. Make sure the part that will hit her hips is 1/4 the measurement of the diapered-hip measurement. Each top cut should measure 1/4 of the waist. The curved line should be the croch/waist measurement, and from the tip of the curve down to the bottom should be the inseam measurement.

4. Unfold each piece and place together, wrong sides out.
5. Sew together at the curves only
6. Now re-position the pieces so that the curved seems are both in the middle of the front and the back.
7. From this point you should be able to see the pants shape, so then you sew each leg up to the croch, or curved seems.
8. Flip it back so that the right side is out, and you pretty much have it, except for the top.
9. What I did for the top was, I sewed elastic (cut to about an inch smaller than the waist measurement) to the top of the waist in a smocking fashion. Then I cut out some more of the shirt to make a "binding" to cover the top of the waist.
10. There you have it! Now put them on your little girl and admire!

The Top Binding

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