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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Apparel: Victorian Collar Scarf

This is another one of my "Fall apparel" Projects. Please don't ask me how I did it...I don't remember! Well, I'm half kidding, if you really want a tutorial on this, I will post one, I just didn't really pay attention to what I was doing as I was making it...I just sort of...did it! I can tell you though, that I used the shell stitch, and to get the ruffle, I did a scalloped-edge border, then 2 dc in every stitch on top of that. The lace is two pieces of lace gathered, and sewn to the scarf.

I love the ruffley look of the turn-of-the century Victorian period. Since scarves are really the thing right now, I wondered if making a Victorian collar of sorts would be cute. I was really pleased with the outcome, and it's really warm too, so it will keep me warm when it starts getting a little colder!


Suzi Q said...

SO CUTE! I can make a ruffly scarf because I crochet too tight, so it ends up twisted. The colors are great.

Kelsee said...

I absolutely love this!!!! I want to know how you did this!!!!! Please post a tutorial!!! I would be forever grateful! -Kelsee

American Nanny said...

For us wanna-be but untalented knitters I was thinking that you could achieve the same effect by arranging crocheted doilies together and stitching them in place.

The Cornett Family said...

I LOVE the doilies idea!!!! Very creative!

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