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Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Table Runner

Okay, I have to apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of the pictures. I was just trying to get done with the project really quick, and thus was not paying attention to the quality of pictures. Lesson learned. I promise I will do better.

Moving on. This is all part of my Black and Silver Halloween decor, and worked out well, because I needed something to give the table a little spooky holiday cheer. The runner itself did not turn out as spooky as I had imagined, which I will touch on a little more later, but I still like it.

For this project, you will need:

About 1/2 yard of fabric of choice
Tulle (I cut 6 strips off of a 45" wide piece of tulle)
Ribbon (one spool will suffice)
Sewing machine/needle/thread

Step 1:
 Cut out 2 equal pieces of fabric, however big you want them. Mine were about 7-8 inches by about 24 inches.

 Step 2:
Put your two pieces one on top of the other, then fold in half, hamburger style...

...then fold in half again so that the top and bottom edges in the picture above meet up (like you would fold up a piece of paper into quarters).

(Please don't mind the crushed goldfish on the ground, we had an incident, and I forgot a few pieces)

Step 3:
This could be a little tricky, but just cut a rounded edge from the ong edge to the opposite side top corner. See picture below.

Unfold them to reveal 2 nice, even squovals! You may need to do a little trimming to even everything out a little, but not much.

Step 4:
Put the right sides together, and sew together, leaving a space to pull it out of, of course.

Step 5:
Notch the edges that are curved to make it easier and lay nicer when you Pull it inside out.
Step 6:
Turn inside out to reveal right sides.Tuck in patch you left unsewn, and sew over top about1/4 inch from edge. Continue sewing around the entire runner.

This one's a little tricky to see, but if you look super close, you can see that this has been sewn all around the edge.

Step 7:
Cut your strips of tulle. Again I was cutting along the 45" wide section of the material, and I cut them about 2-3 inches wide. I used about 6 strips.

Step 8:
Working about an inch from the edge, sew the tulle down by gathering it with your fingers as it travels under the foot of the sewing machine. Your fingers will decided how much gathering is done! Be careful!

Step 9:
Once finished with the tulle border, take your ribbon and do a similar thing as you did with the tulle to gather/pleat it except pleat it less often and make it jagged so it looks irregular. Again, your hands are the ones feeding it through pleated/gathered.

And you're done! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Mrs. Pingel said...

Cute! I love the jagged trims! You're so crafty, Sarah :)

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