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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silhouettes for Mothers Day

While I understand that Mother's Day is long gone, I wanted to post my project I did for my mom. I had to give it to her late, since I did not see her until this last weekend (which would explain lack of posting), so I didn't want to post it earlier, and risk her seeing it!

I decided to make her an etched cylinder candle holder/vase with my kids' silhouettes being the design etched on them. This was relatively easy, and enjoyable to do. I'll show you how...

What you Need:
Bumper Sticker Paper (found in most office supply stores) contact paper is ok too
Printer Ink :)
Etching Cream
Paint Brush
Water Supply
Embellishments, if you want

Step One:
Take profile pics of your kid(s).
I love how Breck is literally rolling his eyes in this picture...

Step 2: 
Print out those pictures onto the bumper sticker paper. Make sure, if you have different pictures, that the heads are all the same size. I had to go back and edit Sienna's picture.

Step 3: 
Cut out each picture. With a black or dark pen of some sort, trace a line around the outside of the profile as a guide for where to cut. Then cut out the profile, only making one line under the picture.

Step 4: 
Stick the bumper sticker paper picture onto the vase. Tape around the outer corners for more flub space. (I taped the cut line below the profile to make sure it stayed straight.

Step 5: 
Brush a thick layer of etching cream onto the profile picture. Let it sit for a minute or two, then rinse it off with water.

Step 6: 
Add any embellishments you want. I stayed simple and just added a single ribbon below the silhouettes.

Then admire your little one's face on the glass!

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