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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sienna's Bow Holder

I made this for Sienna's birthday -- she really needed a place to put all her bows, instead of just letting them wander around one of her drawers. It was made to match the color scheme in her room. I got the idea from my friend Alyssa, the same one who made the amazingly cute invites in my previous post. She makes these for the farmers market, which is what made me want one, and later, want to make one.

What's nice about this, is that it didn't cost me anything. And since Sienna dies over anything that displays "pretty" things, this worked out for everyone.

I just used scrap wood we had lying around, paint I already had, fabric, paper, and embellishments I already had, so just to reiterate -- this costed me nothing.

At the end of each strip, you put a side of velcro on the tip, and the other side about 4-5 inches up the strip, so you can loop it up to hold headbands, as pictured.
I used fabric for the strips but it is easier and quicker to use thick, grossgrain ribbon. I didn't have any on hand that I liked with this particular design, so I just sewed up some strips and stapled them onto the back with a staple gun.

1 comment:

mrs. olson said...

I just bought the girls more bows and headbands from my friend yesterday. Now I really need to make one of these. Good job!!

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