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Monday, March 22, 2010

Come Celebrate Breck's Birthday Suess Style!!!

Fun party, fun to put together, fun with friends and family....Glad it's over!!!

Well I lied in my last post saying the party was that weekend. It was supposed to be... until we all got sick the DAY BEFORE!!! UGH! So we put it off to the next week to ensure I could handle setting up, germs stayed within our own family, and of course that Breck can actually enjoy his party!

I've had this party planned for over a year, hoping long ago to have it as Breck's 2nd birthday party, then realizing he would never remember it, and wouldn't be able to participate in the activities, I decided to wait until his 3rd birthday. It gave me a lot of time to think up new ideas in addition to the ideas I had originally had, find new ideas online, and prepare and create! Some of my ideas came from this great site that I found amidst all the planning, using Dr. Suess as the theme for a baby shower. I got some of the decor ideas from her!

We reserved the clubhouse at our complex, so we could have enough space for everything and everyone, and it worked out perfect. The rest of the details I'll just let you look through yourselves in pictures, and I'll explain as I go.
The central point of the tables.
The right table

The left table

Pin the Hat on the Cat (and story books to read below)

Station to decorate Sneetch Stars that the kids could pin on their shirts! (Next to it, though I didn't get a better picture, is Max from the Grinch, and just a little over to the right from him was a sled with all the presents on it!) 

The "Who-Ville Skyline". I bartered with an elementary school for the butcher paper. They had pity and gave it to me for free.

"Make a Dust Speck Clover" station from Horton Hears a Who!

McElligot's Pool (Fishing for prizes), and sign.
Books laid out, and presents sled in the background.

I had some pages from Suess books blown up and put them up around the place.

Sorry this is so blurry, but these are the favors. They are bookmarks with Oobleck behind them. I made a bunch of gak, and put it into cellophane bags as oobleck to take home and play with! The bookmark has a poem from the book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" on it.

Cat in the Hat style Bow ties for the kids to wear in place of party hats!

The Food: Here you see Green Eggs and Ham...(I also made those ball center pieces with Styrofoam balls and wooden skewers)  

This picture speaks for itself

Thing one and Thing two cupcakes, an idea I got from the afore-mentioned site.

McElligots Pool (Jello with Swedish fish inside and on top)
Another self-speaking picture. I drew this little guy, and was pretty happy with how he turned out. I also drew Max (from the Grinch), and the Pin the Hat on the Cat poster.

The cake table

Me reading "Happy Birthday To You!" by Dr. Suess. My little man is in the plaid.


mrs. olson said...

You did such an AWESOME job! SO many little details. I'm sure he loved it!

Lyss said...

Sarah....AMAZING, we're sorry we missed it!

Ashlee said...

I saw your post on make it and love it. My husband and in laws are all from Moscow! And then when I came over to see if I might know you I saw that you did a Dr. Seuss party and I'm in the MIDDLE of planning one right now! Just Crazy Random. Anyway, do you know any Prisbrey's from Moscow?

Ashlee said...

I AM chelsea's sister! How funny!

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