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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Changing Station Pad Cover

The time has come to start conquering the list of tasks for the kids' rooms! My goal is to be done by late fall with both rooms, so we shall see. Here is one of the first projects for Sienna's room (Besides ones I've had done for awhile), the changing pad cover. I just measured around the pad for the top of it, then for the bottom, I used the same measurments for the lengths of the sides, but I cut 4 strips (about 6-8 inches thick), 2 of the strips being the length of the long sides of the pad, the other 2 being the length of the short sides. I sewed the together with the corners coming to a 45 degree angle, then I sewed elastic to the inside of it. Then I sewed that whole piece to the top piece, and then I had my cover. Super easy. If you're wanting to do this project, and those instruction weren't clear enough, let me know, and I'll be a little more specific with everything!

1 comment:

Suzi Q said...

This looks so soft. I want to lay on it. I thought about making one, then decided it would be easier to buy. I have an award for you waiting at my blog!

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