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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sienna's Artsy Birthday Party!

Wow, this was a fun and inexpensive party to plan! Since it's a theme all around being creative, it worked that I really had to be creative to pull it together! So here's some of the things I did:

First off, as posted before, here are the invites

Sienna's Artist's Beret
I made it without a pattern, but I basically just measured a radius of 2-3 inches bigger than her head, Then cut a 2-3"Xthe end circumfrance of the big circle length of a strip, sewed elastic to one of the long ends of the strip, then sewed the other end to the cricle, wrong sides out, then turned it inside out to reveal the simple beret!

Here are some random pics of the food and decor

Click Here for a tutorial on the Pom Poms.

Ribbon garland on the table

The cheese and grape skewers were made by using cookie cutters. Make sure the cheese is thick enough, they tend to break apart if they are too thin.

Here is the pallet cake I made (two round cakes stacked, then carved out and frosted to look like a pallet.

The table cloth, I splatter-painted myself. You could use a variety of paints, but I used watered-down acryllic paints, and a sylicone baster.

The activities:

Play dough station (homemade)Click Here for the recipe, with a handprint station next to it

Drawing on the wall (Freezer Paper on the wall with crayons so kids could draw on it)

Noodle and Fruit Loops Necklaces (Penne Pasta painted with watercolors)

And of course, The party favors... A Do-it-Yourself Sock Puppet kit!

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allie~millie designs said...

Hi there! Just stumbled across your wonderful blog and I LOVE your ideas! My jaw dropped when I looked at this b-day party ideas, especially the favor! Just too, too cute and clever. Thanks for sharing!
Ginnie Renner

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