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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mosquito Net

This one I've been done with for quite some time, but I realized it was on my "to-do" list on this blog, and that I hadn't posted about it yet! It was really pretty simple. This project was for Sienna's "room". Right now she's still in a corner of the office, but this summer she'll have her own room, so I've been starting a line of projects in preparation for this. I've always loved the look of mosquito nets in little girls rooms, but unfortunately they are really expensive even for plain white ones. So I decided to make one myself. This saves TONS of money, and you get it just the way you want! I used 6 yards of tulle for this, ribbon of choice, and an embroidery hoop. First, you need to cut your tulle. It will already be folded in half length-wise, so fold the height in half, so it is now 3 yards tall. Cut along that fold, then cut along the length-wise folds on each 3 yard peice. You should have 4 9-foot peices. Next, loosen the embroidery hoop to where you can easily place fabric between the 2 circles. Place the 4 peices of tulle in the embroidery hoop, around the edge. There should be one piece of tulle per quarter of the hoop. You should have about 2 feet above the hoop and the majority left hanging below the hoop. Fold over the top in half, and tuck tuck that edge into the hoop, so you have about one foot above the hoop. Then, you get some ribbon or string, and string it through the fold that you just made at the top. Sinch it together and tie it together in a bow, so you can hang it from it's loops. You may want to double knot it. Straighten out the cone at the top, so it's to your desired tightness. Also, since the embroidery hoop has the bigger part on the back, you will need to make sure you tighten the top so that the knot is closer to the back as shown in the picture below, so that the balance is even. Then, trim the hoop with ribbon however you like!

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