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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shaggy Raggy Rug #2

Okay, this one was a lot quicker than rug #1. I used 7 1/2 yards of fabric for this one, same amount of rug canvas. I did the same cutting pattern. For this specific rug, I used 1 1/2 yards of the white, and 6 yards of the blue. Before tying anything on, I used a can of pumpkin to trace the size of the circles onto the rug canvas. I used a sharpie to trace it onto the canvas with, so that it was dark, and would stay. Then, after cutting the material, I first tied all the perimeters of the circles, then filled them in. After that, I tied all the blue row by row, around the circles. The tying pattern I used this time was different, which is why less fabric is needed. instead of tying them side by side, I tied them with a space between each one, alternanting which spaces were left empty on each row. I did the same amount of rows. I think it turned out just as nice as the first one, so i would suggest using the less fabric, you can't tell the difference.

1 comment:

Katyanne said...

my mom made this huge one for kaydence when she was had kaydence's name in got really dirty and I was like...???what do I do with this now!!!! it was cute...I was suppose to finish it...only a few little areas left and it took like 3 years :)

I would stick with the smaller ones...holy cow!

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