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Monday, November 3, 2008

Breck's Halloween Costume

Breck went as Captaqin Jack Sparrow this year for Halloween. There were 3 main things that I had to make myself, the rest of it could just use regular clothing. First I made the hair. I braided a lot of brown yarn for the dreadlocks, and beaded 4 beads at the end of 6 of them. I also beaded 4 beads on a shorter one that became the short dread that sticks out of the top of Jack's bandana. I put a charm on the end of that one. Then I hot glued all the dreads onto a previously fitted and tied bandana, where it would come out underneath. For the top of the head, I just cut unbraided yarn and glued it to the top front of the bandana, along with the short dread. the unbraided ones, I tucked into the center of the bandana, so it covered the top of Breck's head. Next was the vest. I used an unused dark blue recieving blanket of Breck's, and measured it across his shoulders. I cut it there, and cut another one the exact same size. I cut the 2nd one in half, length wise. I then cut a e restdiagonal line from the top of one of the halves to where it would hit on the chest. I did it to the next side after that. I then sewed the side together, leaving holes for the arms and neck. I trimmed up where the arms go, and left them unstiched for a rugged feel. I then too this rope-like string and hot glued it along the side of the middle, and gave the vest faux pockets with it. Then for the boots, we just used socks. we cut out the toe, and the heel, so it could strap around a black shoe, and then put felt along the top, so it wa sthe cuff of the boot. The rest was just a white oversized shirt, black slacks tucked into the boots, a neck-tie as a belt, and a plastic sword. Pretty easy!

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