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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I hope you all had a great Halloween. As you've probably noticed, I never posted the tutorials for the girls' princess dresses. I really expected to have them done sooner, so I could post the tutorials in time for Halloween. I grossly overestimated my free time with 3 kids!

But, I will write them up and post it next year. My goal is to have costumes done by the first week in October next year, so you'll have FIVE costumes to learn how to make next year! Yahoo!

Also, we're switching internet providers right now, hence no formatting in this post, as I am posting from my phone. My posting will probably be slower for a week or so, and less than beautiful in appearance.

I hope you had an awesome Halloween, can't wait for Thanksgiving now!

1 comment:

etreiersen said...

What pretty princesses you have and a very handsome dinosaur. You are so talented Sarah. I can't believe you had time to make 3 Halloween costumes with 3 kids around to "help" you are amazing!

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