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Monday, April 25, 2011

Got Eggs?

Easter has yet again come and gone, and as expected, we have come upon a bounty of hard-boiled eggs. It seems that the hard-boiled egg is to Easter as Turkey is to Thanksgiving. Both are completely necessary in fulfilling long-lived traditions in each (though of course you can certainly celebrate Thanksgiving by just being grateful and Easter by remembering our Savior's sacrifice, I'm just saying that in most homes, this is a standing tradition for each), and both leave you with an excess of one type of food that you have no idea how to use up afterwards.

Now, of course, you can always just eat your hard-boiled eggs as is, but who really likes to do that over and over??? Then of course, there's egg salad sandwiches, (my favorite!!!) potato salads, or using eggs slicers to garnish any other salad. But what about after that? I mean, chances are, you've got like 24 hard-boiled eggs...

Well, that is where the incredible, edible deviled egg comes in! Oh my, I do love deviled eggs. In fact, I love them so much, that I love to get creative with them. You will find them at any party I put on, because to me, they're as wonderful and versatile as a cupcake. So many ways to decorate, and to tie into a theme, but SO much more satisfying! (I realize this is debatable, I could seriously hear the entire state of Utah gasp when I wrote this...but just put your "Sarah" cap on right now and wander with me through the wonderful world of possibilities for deviled eggs.)

Of course just a normal deviled egg is amazingly delicious, but there are so many things you can do with them to make them adjust to anything you are doing. You can use them for parties, for lessons, for snack time after teaching your kids a new song or reading a new story... the possibilities are endless! Below, I have a few examples of fun things you can do with deviled eggs, and chances've got some hard-boiled eggs to practice with!

This was from Breck's Dr. Suess Birthday last year...Green Eggs and ham. The yokes are dyed green, and fed through a frosting tip. These can be for a party, but also for a Dr. Suess reading time with your kids.

Not many people realize you can actually dye the whites of your hard boiled eggs as well. If you use a strong food coloring (I like Wilton's) diluted in water, you can dump the egg whites in, and put them in the fridge overnight and have beautiful colors the next day! These were for Sienna's 2nd birthday party which was a watermelon theme. Once again, you could use these after a lesson about fruits (Ha ha, then give them eggs!), or just a fun summery treat. These have coarsely ground black pepper on top to resemble seeds, and the middle is dyed pink.

This one is a recreation of deviled eggs I did for Breck's 2nd birthday party. It was a bee theme, so I made deviled bees. I use mayonnaise as a sort of frosting for deviled eggs when necessary. I just dye it whatever color I need.

Devil's Eyes...blood shot of course.

Need a treat for a football game? Look no further. White and yoke dyed brown, non-dyed mayo for lines.

(Sorry, no Picture :( )

Basket: Use after reading "Little Red Riding Hood". I used paper for the handle, I couldn't really think of anything edible to stick in there.

Deviled egg boats. Use Single's slices of cheese, and cut an X all the way through.
Then cut  + after that. These will make your sails. You will get 8 sails from one slice.

Put onto a toothpick, and stick into the deviled egg.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for finding fun ways to use up your hard-boiled bounty. If nothing else, your kids will enjoy the fun things you come up with, and hopefully you'll have some too!


Kellie said...

I think you like eggs! So do I... but never have I had them in different colors! Bravo for creativity!

mrs. olson said...

You are so funny. I love your creativity!!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Holy Moly Lady! I just spent, probably 3 hours looking at your blog! You are one seriously talented woman! :)

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