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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Painting Scalloped Trim in Sienna's Room

For awhile now, I've wanted to paint a scalloped trim on Sienna's walls. But when I'm painting at least, I don't have the most steady or consistent hand, so I often would get scared, thinking it would look horrible, even if I tried to draw on the wall first as a guide. And since painters tape wouldn't exactly work for the small curves of scallops, I came up with a new idea for creating scallops on a wall using a homemade stencil!

What you need:
Paint in desired color
Paint Brush
Freezer Paper
Something circular to trace (plate, bowl, large can, etc.)


Step 1:
Measure the length of each wall you are painting.

Step 2:
Cut a sheet of freezer paper the length of each wall you are painting. You should have a seperate piece of freezer paper for your two biggest walls. One sheet makes two stencils, so if you need to, then cut it down for a shorter wall.

Step 3:
Measure and draw a straight line (use some sort of straight edge, or make a fold down the middle instead) down the middle of each sheet of freezer paper.

Step 4:
Trace circular object onto freezer paper side-by-side until it reaches the end of the sheet. Make sure that your line or fold cuts each circle exactly in half. Do this for all
sheets of freezer paper that you have.

Step 5:
Now with your scissors, cut along the middle line so you have 2 separate pieces per sheet. Then cut out around the circles halves, all the way down the sheet. This will give you your even scalloped edge. Repeat until finished with all sheets.

Step 6:
Now, bring each sheet of freezer paper to it's corresponding wall, meanwhile, heating your iron up. It's easiest if you have someone help you with this part, though it's not totally necessary.

If someone is helping you, have the oth
er person grab one end of the sheet, and hold it at the corner of the wall, while you hold yours at the other end. (Making sure the side that is shiny is facing toward the wall)

If you don't have someone helping you, just tape it in place temporarily at both ends, making sure it's straight and taut.

Step 7:
Now with your heated iron (you may need an extension cord depending on how high up you want your scallops) iron the freezer paper to the wall. Make sure you pay close attention to the scalloped edges, that they're sticking well to the wall, as these are your stencil. (You may need to hold the iron down awhile to get a good stick)

Step 8:
With your stencil in place, you are free to paint, and reveal those beautiful scallops! Once the paint is dry, remove the stencil (it will come right off), and admire your work!

Good luck!


Katie said...

That looks so cute! Can't wait until we are out of this apartment into something I can paint!

The Cottage Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I just discovered freezer paper stenciling. It is the BEST!! I can't believe how amazingly perfect it turns out every time. I've only done it on clothes so I'm trilled to find out that you can do it on the wall!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


NK07 said...

Thanks for this! I have been searching for the best way to paint my Sienna's room (small world) and I am excited to try the freezer paper!

Babz said...

We did this to our baby to be's nursery and heres how it came out :D Thanks so much for the tutorial we LOVE IT!

happy zombie said...

G E N I U S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I knew the power of freezer paper in soft art... but this is just too clever!

Kim said...

Did this today and the freezer paper came off the wall even after making sure it was on really well. :( We could hear it crackling as it was coming away from the wall after ironing. I started out using a brush to cut in just in case but went to a roller after it was taking too long and those were the worst.It looks like I need a second coat for some missed spots. Any tips?

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