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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh, Jos...

Like I mentioned last week, my husband recently turned 30.

That was a big one. Though the turkey wouldn't let me do anything for his birthday. I'll get into more of that later. But I realized that I've never really talked about my husband on this blog, and with him now living a ripe old three full decades now, I thought it might be appropriate to introduce you to him, and show off some of his great talents and skills.

We'll start with a few little facts about him first...

-Josten LOVES beards. I've always thought it was interesting that he chose a career path that requires daily shaving of his face... especially since he can grow a beard in 7 hours. A few months ago, his unit had the officers grow their beards out as part of an "incognito" mission training. Josten was in heaven. Below is a picture taken during that time period.

-Josten hates getting his picture taken. He doesn't even slightly like it, and he doesn't ever try to smile.

purposely blinking...(but at least he's smiling?)

Not even gunna try...just like his daughters

- Josten loves his family more than anything (of course), and can be quite a "Papa Bear". He's very protective of his family, and their physical and emotional well-being. This includes his extended family, as well; parents and siblings. You mess with a Cornett, you mess with Josten...

- Josten is super talented, physically, and can literally do anything and everything he sets his mind to. It's always something I've admired so much about him. When he wants something, he sets a plan, and goes for it, until he's accomplished what he set out to do. Success is his only option, and because of that he sees it quite frequently. It is very inspiring, and I'm blessed to have him as an example for myself and my kids.

-Josten is very simplistic. He hates attention (hence, no party), he hates clutter, and he hates being over scheduled. If Josten and I hadn't gotten married, he said that he planned on living on his own, with a mattress on the floor, a chair, a little table, one plate, one fork, one knife, one spoon, one cup, etc., that he just had to keep clean and reuse. He said that the only thing he wanted me to do for his birthday was for me to not throw a party. We're a good balance...because we know I'm all about complicating things...

- Josten is a very spiritually centered person. He continually stands strong and immovable against any adversity, and takes all his concerns to the Lord. He is very determined in living a life fully committed to the Lord, and constantly re-evaluates his standards to make sure they're in line with the Lord's. 

- Josten is extremely artistic and talented creatively. He's been drawing since he was a little boy, and can draw many things with impressive exactness. He's also very handy with woodworking, and general crafts. 

Here's a few pics of what this man can do...

A picture of Jehkiah and Casey he drew for their Christmas present

A chessboard case he made entirely on his own for Cameron for Christmas 2006

My birthday card from him 4.5 years ago

And just something he "whipped up" one day while bored... He's also good with computer art.
As you can see, My Jos is definitely not boring. Life with him is the best, and I can't imagine it any other way.  He is always making me laugh, making me think, and most of all, making me grateful. Happy Birthday to my awesome husband!!! May you live twenty more decades!!! ;)


Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

I had no idea he was so artistic! Go Josten!!! :)

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

Sanjay Sawant said...

So creative and artistic blog. I enjoyed reading your blog. suwarna infracon

Sheena Ligman said...

Hello, Im Sheena, Ill be 28 in august and in sept my husband is also turning 30. Hes a very shy personal guy, He doesn't talk much unless you talk to him first and he gets comfortable with you. Im wanting to throw him a surprise party for him, cause to me turning 30 is a big deal. He used to be in the Navy and that's when we met and then got married, then he got out and joined the army,(cause he wanted to blow S*** up) he loves that, he chose to be a tanker so he knew for sure he would get deployed, cause he begged the navy to send him off but they told him he is too valuable to loose him if something happened while he was out. So he finally got to go over there and protect and serve his country, he was only there 27 days cause the tank ran over a huge massive IED under the road. He got the worse of any of the guys (there was 4 total in the tank)it completely crushed his left heel and had a brain bleed so he lost some of his memory.I was living in Alabama during all this and once they got him stabled enough in Germany they shipped him to San Antonio Tx, to BAMC (Ft.Sam Houston) army post. The best medical place in the world. I finally got to make it over there and surprised him on the day of our aniverisery, When he saw me his look was priceless, by then he was out of the hospital. They tried 5 years and numerous surgeries to fix his foot, and the whole time hes begging them to just amputate it. After I graduated from college there in san Antonio, I ended up with a sore on the bottom of my heel and it got infected really bad(when I was 4 yrs old I got ran over by a riding lawn mower and lost my heel and all the muscles and tendons all the way down my calf) so I lived with that for 22 yrs. And let me tell you I can honestly tell you I knew exactly how bad my husband hurt and what he was having to go through with the pain and all the surgeries. I had one day went with him to the orthopedic dr and I walked by my ortho dr and went in and just plain out told him I wont an amputation now. Well he instantly told me yes (cause for some reason the military 3 diff drs I was seeing did not want to treat my infection) by the time I had my amputation I had a softball size of a hole on the bottom of my heel and the infection had gotten into my bone. After I talked to my dr and he said yes I walked over to my husband where he was waiting to see his dr and I told him Im getting an amputation, he was happy but alittle mad too. I had my amputation feb.2010 and they finally did his Oct 2010.They saw how well I adapted to it and how GREAT I was doing with it (ofcourse after the surgery an I was out of the hospital and the dr was taking my stitches out I kept telling him this spot on my stitch line looks bad infected, and he kept saying oh no its just dried blood, and of course next week when I saw him I was right I had to go back into surgery and they cleaned out the dead tissue I was so upset and scared I would lose my knee because losing your knee is sooo much harder to adapted and walk. So me and my husband are both below the knee amputees we know exactly how each other feels and went through together. When I read your post about your husband it reminded me about how my husband use to be before his accident, he struggles every day with depression and PTSD.(post tramatic stress disorder)and still has nightmares from Iraq. I just wanted to share this with you. Thanks

Sheena Ligman said...

Hello, My name is Sheena, I wrote you a very long comment after I had read your post about your husband, I wanted you to know some stuff, cause it really made me think about how my husband use to be and how he acts like yours. maybe I can get your email and I can tell you alittle bit more about everything. My email is just let me know that your from this blog. Thanks hope to hear from you soon

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